Reliability of Mining Machines and Development of the Express – Diagnostic System: State and Prospects


  • P. A. Pobegailo Independent researcher, Moscow, RF, Russia
  • Irina Gadolina IMASH RAS, Moscow, RF, Russia



Mining machines, quarry excavators, express diagnostics sys- tem, reliability, homeostasis.


This article summarizes some of the results of our work in terms of consid-
ering various issues of reliability of mining machines – mining excavators.
In this case, we are talking about the development of the basis, structure and
elements of a system for express diagnostics (analysis) of these machines
under operating conditions, which should be adjusted for the conditions and
capabilities of engineers operating these machines to maintain their state
within the framework of homeostasis (in the future, and control their state). In
addition, the article presents a scheme that allows describing in an enlarged
manner the entire life cycle of a mining machine, taking into account both
design and operation. Additionally, there is a list of tasks that the authors
plan to solve in the future.


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Author Biographies

P. A. Pobegailo, Independent researcher, Moscow, RF, Russia

P. A. Pobegailo – an engineer (2000), candidate of technical sciences (2008);
Received higher education at the “Moscow State Construction University”
(MGSU) (1995–2000) in the field of creation and operation of construction,
road and lifting and transport machines; completed two postgraduate studies
– at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (2000–2003) with a degree
in Construction and Road Machinery, and at the Ural State Mining University
(2006–2008) with a degree in Mining Machines and Complexes; additional
education was obtained in the field of computer technology at the “Moscow
State University” (2004–2006). He worked in various positions in various
commercial organizations, for example, in OJSC “Moskovsky Podshipnik”
(in the field of creation and implementation of automation tools for design
activities) (2003–2006); from 2011 to 2021 he was a doctoral student and
held the position of a senior researcher at the A.A. Blagonravov Institute
of Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doing
various research on mining machines there. Since mid-2021, he has been an
Independent Researcher.

Irina Gadolina, IMASH RAS, Moscow, RF, Russia

Irina Gadolina was born in Moscow in 1954. In 1977 she has been graduated
from Moscow Technical University with a major of Mechanic – Investigator.

Reliability of Mining Machines and Development of the Express 11
Since when Gadolina has been working for Mechanical Research Institute of
Russian Academy of Science (IMASH RAS) and deal mostly with reliability
under fatigue impact. Random loading and Machine learning are also in
scope of her interests. Gadolina got her PhD in 1990. She published more
than 120 papers and chapters in the scientific books. In the nearest future
Gadolina plan to perform thoroughly planned fatigue experiment for con-
sidering impact of the mutual important factors employing the experimental
design methodology


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