Optimization of Low Pressure Steam Heating Technology of Thermoelectric Joint Production

  • Dongya Tang Henan Polytechnic Institute, Nanyang 473000, China
  • Ruxian Yu Henan Polytechnic Institute, Nanyang 473000, China
Keywords: Electric cogeneration, steam, heating characteristics, optimization.


In order to reduce the loss of heat saving in the thermal engine, improve energy utilization efficiency. This paper uses EBSILON simulation software to establish models and perform changes to the working condition, and the comparison of design values on the thermal balance graph. The results show that this method is applicable to the calculation of the thermoelectric gauge. At different heat supply and exhaust flow and the ambient temperature, the heat transfer characteristics of the unit is constantly changed. When the ambient temperature is less than 15∘C, the combined circulation thermal consumption rate is negative and the ambient temperature is negative, and the ambient temperature is higher than 15∘C time is positively correlated. When the heating capacity is greater than 300 gj/h, the combined cycle efficiency of the unit at the same heating rate is higher than the 100% load rate. Conclusion: the EBSILON simulation software is reliable.


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Author Biographies

Dongya Tang, Henan Polytechnic Institute, Nanyang 473000, China

Dongya Tang graduated from Southwest Petroleum University with a bachelor’s degree in building environment and equipment engineering in 2008 and a master’s degree in heating, gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning engineering in Southwest Petroleum University in 2012. Since 2013, he has worked in Henan Polytechnic Institute, mainly engaged in research and teaching of HVAC and building equipment.

Ruxian Yu, Henan Polytechnic Institute, Nanyang 473000, China

Ruxian Yu graduated from Henan Institute of urban construction in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in building environment and equipment engineering, and from Guangzhou University in 2016 with a master’s degree in heating, gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning engineering. Since 2018, he has worked in Henan Polytechnic Institute, engaged in teaching and scientific research of HVAC equipment energy conservation and urban gas.


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